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Accessories that have been transformed by Luchi into unique pieces: jewelry with intention … Its purpose, to provide well-being and love to those who use it, thus achieving the healing of their soul and heart.


Connect with the description of each jewel, fall in love with your intention and shine with it. Then our stock divided into different categories … necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings:


On the night of December 25, in Santa Rosa de Cabal (Department of Risaralda), two sisters of the Community passed by the room affirming to my mother that I had been lucky to be born on the day of light, and for this reason she should call me Light.

My parents decided to baptize me under the Catholic faith as Luz Elena Mejía Molina, first-born: first granddaughter of the Molina family and second granddaughter of the Mejía family.